Yesterday evening, I typed shpakOO into a box in itunes search, quite accidentally, since i thought i’m typing my log in information somewhere else, and … my heart jumped a little, “It’s time …” by yours truly, appeared in iTunes! I mean, it was bound to happen eventually :-P, according to CDBaby within a few months… but its only been a few days 🙂

In my over 10 years of writing music I would have never thought that getting it out there would be so easy… It almost seems that the hardest part these days will be to get my music heard…i’ll think of something. Either way, I’m extremely happy. Thanks to everyone for pushing me to do this.

If anyone actually listened to any of my songs, and visited this blog, i’m REALLY curious to know what you think, how you feel and what your favorites are… Is my music making you angry? happy? confused?

well… till next time,