It’s only been a couple of months since I published my first CD and I’ve already got over 300 fans on facebook and thousands of people listened to my music according to youtube !!! By the end of 2010 i modestly hope to paste another 0 at the end of the current numbers 🙂

I’m really happy that this community is continuing to grow in strength and the word is tenaciously disseminating =) Big hug to everyone believing in me. I cannot find words of thanks for the positive comments i got from a few listeners… As vain as it sounds, I’m really happy I could make someone’s day just a bit better.

ShpakOO can only exist thanks to You. Without You, there is no need for yet another deranged composer to write more music. My intent is to create songs – musical stories that are fun, enjoyable and give You a choice to bypass the repetitive radio stations. I guarantee that if you listen to my songs the second of even the third time, you will find something new there. Of course if you enjoy the beat, or the melody for what they are, it’s even better.

This year I have a grand plan to release a second album. It will be quite different from “It’s Time…” which I consider really a preview of what shpakOO is capable of. This new compilation will be slightly longer, will have more songs, all of them instrumental (unless someone convinces me to sing…) but perhaps the compositions will sound a bit more coherent as a group.

Don’t have the title yet… And just a few ideas about the cover art… This album’s centerpiece will be a composition which I’ve written years ago, probably when I was still in Poland, so before 1996 (i’m ancient, i know)… but am in the process of arranging it to be 2010 compliant… It’s title is somewhat corny, “the Journey”, but you can be sure it will be a total… trip for your sound-buds. I will attempt to post a blip or two from it to wet your appetite 🙂 In addition you can expect some really epic soundscapes as well as a few heart-warming and engaging pieces like the Gondola Song…

And all that amidst writing my thesis and preparing to graduate.

so… please show your support for shpakOO. ShpakOO is on iTunes in digital form. If you prefer something more tangible, I pressed a few CDs in gorgeous digipak container (they are just soooo much cooler than the regular plastic jewel cases). These CDs are available on
Just search for shpakOO.

If you’ve bought a song of mine already, you have shpakOO’s unbound gratitude.
Please share my music with your friends.
If you get a chance, draw a shpakOO bird and sign it on a sidewalk (only with erasable materials, like chalk ;-)), or on a blackboard in your classroom… Take a picture and post it on facebook, let’s see how far shpakOO can go… Let’s make the 2010 the year of rise of shpakOO !!!

Thanks for listening,
Thanks for reading,
Thanks in advance,
Good luck in 2010 !