I have been feeling rather creative lately… I think all the stress comes out this way …
No matter, I’m really happy with the way STILL, the radio edit version, came out… First of all it is anything BUT still :).

Although it is a complete song running at 4minutes and 30seconds, it is only a preview of a larger composition that I have been working on relentlessly. There is an intro followed by a riff over which which I’ve been improvising… This version of Still gives off a general feel of the theme of the final piece, the final piece will be totally epic 🙂

The song has been described as “rich”, maybe due to the fact that I’m using a lot of reverberation and interweaving echos of pianos and guitars… In the end I consider this piece to be a homage to my idols: Oldfield, Jarre, Hisaishi and Vangelis… I would literally give my left kidney to be able to have a chat with Oldfield !

The final version of this song will feature additional theme development, and will be a part of an album which at the moment I call “the Journey”, and will be completed hopefully before the Summer is over.

“Still” is being distributed as a free download via shpakoo.bandcamp.com . It is a new service that I really like. Upload a Wave, and they do all the rest. If someone feels particularly philanthropic bandcamp allows donations too, but hey… Depending on whether there is any interest in this preview song at all, and someone actually deems it worthy of a couple of cents, I’m considering donating the money raised this way to the Haitian relief… A small contribution by a worried shpakOO…

Stay tuned.